Monday 17th August


Everyday Practice

5 - 10 minutes

10 - 15 minutes

10 - 15 minutes

2 - 3 minutes

Main Lesson Plan



Listen and/or Watch

Think back to Friday’s story and some of the activities we did. In the story, the material that was bought for the coronation cloak wasn’t long enough, even though the cloth merchant measured it very carefully. Why wasn’t it long enough? And what was the king’s solution to this problem?


On Friday, you measured many things around your house using different parts of your body. See if you can remember some of the things you measured. 


I have some of your work from Friday that was sent to me and I’ve got some of that information here for you to look at. Have a look and try to answer the following questions (you don’t need to write these down or copy the page provided):


  1. Who has the longest bedroom? Who has the shortest bedroom?

  2. Who has the longest hair? Who has the shortest? 

  3. Who has the longest driveway? Who has the shortest?

  4. If you had to make a bedroom exactly the same size as one of these people, do you think you can do it from the information you have? Why or why not?

  5. When you look at all of this information, what makes it easy for you to know the exact length of something?

  6. When you look at all of this information, what makes it hard to know the exact length of something?




Find or make a measuring stick that is the size of your foot. If cutting a stick to the correct length is too tricky, you could do this with string or roll up some paper that has been cut to the correct size. 


  1. Use your measuring stick to measure at least 5 different things around you.

  2. Take a photo of your measuring stick next to your recorder. Line it up carefully from the bottom of the recorder. Please send a photo as soon as possible.

  3. Use your measuring stick to measure the height of your garbage bin, the one outside that you use for landfill. Please send me your measurements along with a photo of your bin as soon as possible.





Write the following into your main lesson book (large red book).



Do the following sums in your Maths Practice Book (medium red or orange book). You do not need to write out the questions, just write the sum and work out the answer.


  1. If Millie and Riley’s bedrooms were joined together, how long would the room be?

  2. Aidan’s hair is 2 fingers long. If we chopped off the length of Aidan’s hair from Lara’s hair, how long would Lara’s hair be?

  3. Millie’s hair is 3 hands long. Karuna’s bedroom is 24 hands long. If Millie uses the length of her hair to measure Karuna’s room, how many lengths of hair is Karuna’s room?

  4. If Inika’s table is 48 tongue licks long and the table is cut in half, how long would each half be?



Extra (optional) questions:


  1. If Iggy, Inika and Karuna’s driveways were all joined together, how long would it be?

  2. How much shorter is Phoebe’s driveway than Riley’s driveway?

  3. How many times longer is Oliver’s driveway than Karuna’s?

  4. If Grace’s driveway was cut in half, how long would each half be?

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