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Summary of Friday's Story



The Ark of the Covenant

The ark was fashioned like a chest and made from acacia wood. It was overlayed with gold on the inside and the outside. Four rings of gold were cast and attached to the four feet of the ark; two on one side and two on the other. Poles were also made of acacia wood, overlayed with gold and placed into the rings to carry the ark. The poles were to remain with the ark and not be removed. A mercy seat, a lid of pure gold was made to cover the ark. Two cherubim, angels, were made of gold and placed at either end, with their wings spread upward. They covered the mercy seat and sat so that they were facing each other with their faces turned toward the mercy seat. The two tablets upon which was written the ten commandments was housed inside the Ark of the Covenant.


Writing Dictation

Elimelich and Naomi had two sons and after some time, Elimelech died. When the two sons were grown, they married Orpah and Ruth. After about 10 years, misfortune frowned upon them once more and both sons died. Naomi was left without husband or children. She insisted that her daughters-in-law return to their families and Orpah did, but despite everything she said, Ruth chose to stay.

In Bethlehem, Ruth won the favour of a wealthy member of the family by gathering grain diligently in the fields. Boaz was also impressed that Ruth had remained loyal to Naomi and he treated her with great kindness. Naomi wished to help Ruth re-marry and asked her to lay herself down at the feet of Boaz. Ruth

followed Naomi’s instructions and Boaz said he would marry her, if another who was more closely related to Ruth would not. He gave her six measures of barley and she returned to Naomi.

Boaz settled the matter that day by telling Ruth’s nearest relative that Naomi was selling the land that had belonged to her late husband Elimelech. When the man learnt that he must marry Ruth in order to acquire the land however, he said he was unable to and so the right was left with Boaz. To seal this agreement between the two men, Boaz took the man’s shoe in front of all the elders who were present as witnesses. Thus, Boaz and Ruth were married and had a son and Naomi was not left without a close relative.

In your English practice book (medium blue or green), you will be writing a dictation, which means you will listen to what I say and write it down. There are a total of 3 sentences, but if you find that this is taking you a very long time, you can just do 2. 

I have recorded the sentences separately so that it is easier to find your place as you are writing. After you have finished writing, you can check your writing by looking at mine.

Sentence 1

Sentence 2

Sentence 3

Check Your Work



Create a quiet space to listen to this story. Make sure that there is nothing in your hands and that you are comfortable. Play the music or you can sing if you remember the song as you light your candle. 

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Shalom Chaverim

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