Tuesday 25th August


Everyday Practice

5 - 10 minutes

10 - 15 minutes

10 - 15 minutes

2 - 3 minutes

Main Lesson Plan









Grams and Kilograms






The bed is 240cm long. How long is it in millimetres?

The teddy bear is 530mm long. How long is it in centimetres?

The bathroom is 3m long. How many millimetres long is it?

The kitchen is 500cm long. How long is it in metres?

The driveway is 9000mm long. How long is it in metres?

There were some boxes piled up in the shed. One box was 19cm high, another box was 32cm high and the third box was 45cm high. How high was the pile of boxes?

Last year the lemon tree was 900cm tall. This year it is 1225cm tall. How much has it grown?

Kai laid out his toys in a row. His teddy bear was 30cm long, his truck was 27cm long and his ball was 15cm long. How long was the line of toys?

Jake wanted to cut long piece of wood into shorter pieces to use as garden stakes. Each long piece of wood was 250cm long and it was cut into 5 equal pieces. How long was each garden stake?

Samantha wanted to build a small deck for her tree house. Each plank of wood was 9cm wide. Samantha placed 9 planks of wood side-by-side, how wide was her deck?

Sarah made a garden wall out of bricks. Each brick was 25cm long. The brick wall was 6 bricks long, how long was the wall?

John made a long rectangle garden bed with three equally sized sections. The total length of the garden bed was 210cm. How long was each section within the garden bed?

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