Tuesday 21st July


Everyday Practice

5 - 10 minutes

10 - 15 minutes

10 - 15 minutes


Holiday Writing

Use yesterday's work to help you with your writing today. Try to remember some of the mistakes that you found in my writing as well and see if you can avoid them in your work.


On a piece of paper, write a draft or a rough copy. If writing is something you need a lot of time to complete, I'd like you to try and write at least 3 sentences. Otherwise I'd like you to aim for at least 6 or more if it is something you can do quite quickly. Make sure you do your writing on your own, without any help and without copying my writing. When you have finished, edit or work. Check for mistakes and to see whether it makes sense. Once you have done this, you can get mum or dad to correct it for you. 


In your English practice book (medium blue or green), I would then like you to write a good copy. If this is too much writing for you to complete during main lesson today, you can complete this as an afternoon activity during the week.





Draw a picture from Monday’s story in your main lesson book (large blue or purple book). Be sure to leave a blank page at the beginning for your title page. 



Create a quiet space to listen to this story. Make sure that there is nothing in your hands and that you are comfortable. Play the music or you can sing if you remember the song as you light your candle. 

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Shalom Chaverim

(Arranged by Catherine Delanoy)

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