Tuesday 11th August


Everyday Practice

5 - 10 minutes

10 - 15 minutes

10 - 15 minutes

2 - 3 minutes

Main Lesson Plan



Summary of Yesterday's Story



Draw a picture from yesterday’s story, listen to the summary if you are not sure. Do your drawing in your main lesson book (large blue or purple book) or your English practice book (medium blue or green book) if you have run out of pages.



Recap of Friday's Story

Do your writing in your main lesson book or in your English practice book if you have run out of pages. Remember to draw writing lines if you need them or a border and a background. Please read the writing first and when you have finished writing, read it again and edit if you need to. 



Create a quiet space to listen to this story. Make sure that there is nothing in your hands and that you are comfortable. Play the music or you can sing if you remember the song as you light your candle. 

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Shalom Chaverim

(Arranged by Catherine Delanoy)

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