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Summary of Yesterday's Story



In your main lesson book (large blue or purple book), draw a picture of yesterday's story.



Manoah and his wife were blessed by God with a child. God said to them that a razor must never touch the head of the boy, for he belongs to God. This boy was named Samson.

Once, Samson went to Timnah, where he saw a woman whom he wished to marry. While in Timnah, he was attacked by a lion. The spirit of God came to Samson and he overcame the lion. When he returned later to Timnah to marry the woman, he came across the carcass of the same lion he fought. It contained a swarm of bees and honey, which he took and ate.

Samson prepared a feast as was the custom for the groom to do and the Philistines provided him with 30 comrades. He told these comrades a riddle and said that he would give them 30 fine linen robes if they guessed his riddle correctly and if not, then they should give him thirty fine linen robes and suits of clothes. They agreed and so he told them the riddle which went like so:

Out of the eater came something to eat,
And out of the strong came something sweet.

For six days they could not solve the riddle and eventually they threatened Samson’s wife, who managed to convince Samson to tell her the answer. Samson was so enraged that he killed thirty men, took their garments and gave them to the 30 men who had guessed his riddle. When he returned, his wife had been given away to his best man and Samson took revenge. He was captured and bound, but the strength of God filled him and he broke free to kill those who had seized him, using the jaw-bone of an ass.

Samson later fell in love with another woman, Delilah. The Philistines convinced Delilah to try and find the secret of Samson’s strength. He fooled her many times, before finally giving in. Samson was captured and locked away in prison. He was taken out eventually and chained between two pillars to amuse the Philistines at a large gathering. Samson called on the strength of God and pushed the pillars, collapsing the entire building and killing himself and all that were present.



Create a quiet space to listen to this story. Make sure that there is nothing in your hands and that you are comfortable. Play the music or you can sing if you remember the song as you light your candle. 

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