Wednesday 2nd September


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Millilitres and Litres

Please click on the icon below for today's video. This video includes an introduction to millilitres and litres and an explanation of today's activity and bookwork.



Please watch the video for an explanation of today's bookwork or read the lesson plan.



We have just learnt that one litre is one thousand millilitres. Keeping this in mind, try to solve the following maths problems:

Joan cooked 2000ml of soup. How many litres of soup did she make?

There was a big 3litre bottle of orange juice in the fridge. How many mills of orange juice was there?


Molly packed a 5litre container of water into the car for her camping trip. How many millilitres of water did she have?


Grandma made a very big batch of pasta sauce. She made 6000mls of sauce, how many litres of sauce was there?


Kate made some icy poles. She poured some pineapple juice into 4 moulds. Each mould could hold 200mls of juice. How many millilitres of juice was used?


Jess had 3 friends at the house for a playdate. She poured some apple juice for everyone including herself, finishing the entire bottle of apple juice. Everyone got 250mls of apple juice. How many litres was in the bottle?

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