Thursday 20th August


Everyday Practice

5 - 10 minutes

10 - 15 minutes

10 - 15 minutes

2 - 3 minutes

Main Lesson Plan


Recall and Introduction

Watch or Read

Watch the video for today’s recall or think about some of the things you measured yesterday and the types of measurements you used. Can you remember how long a metre is? How many centimetres and millimetres are there in a metre?


  1. Go for a walk to a place or thing that you think is 1km from your house. Count your paces to determine if your estimation was correct. Please read the lesson plan if you didn't watch the video.

  2. Measure your height.




Write the following sentence into your main lesson book (large red book). If you are looking at the pictures, copy the blue writing, not the purple writing.

There are 1000 metres in a kilometre, 100 centimetres in a metre and 1000 millimetres in a metre.


Write about something you measured using each of these measurements. The short way to write kilometre is km. Draw a small picture of the place or thing you walked to that was 1km away from your house. Please include the measurement of your height. 



Do the following sums in your maths practice book (medium red or orange book). You do not need to write out the questions. Just write the sums and work out the answers. You can listen to the questions and find the answers on the PowerPoint.

1. If Tashi stood on top of Phoebe’s head, how tall would they be? Tashi is 900mm tall and Phoebe is 1370mm.


2. If Phoebe is 1370mm tall, how tall is she in centimetres?

3. Phoebe is 1370mm tall and Tashi, Tao’s brother is 900mm tall. How much taller is Phoebe?

4. Grace’s speaker is 180mm long. How long is it in centimetres?


1. Ariya measured her sister’s foot. Molly’s foot is 20cm and 5mm long. Isabelle’s shoe is 190mm. What is the difference between Isabelle’s shoe and Molly’s foot? Will Isabelle’s shoe fit Molly’s foot?

2. Ethan’s crayon is 4cm long and Iggy’s roof is 3m high. If Ethan puts his crayon on top of Iggy’s roof, what is the total height in millimetres?

3. Oliver’s paint brush is 33cm long. If Oliver had 8 paint brushes and he made a long line out of them, how long would the line be?

4. Riley’s small fingernail is 8mm wide. If he uses his fingernail to measure the length of Ethan 4cm crayon, how many fingernails wide is Ethan’s crayon?

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