Thursday 23rd July


Everyday Practice

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Main Lesson Plan



Summary of Yesterday's Story



In your main lesson book (large blue or purple book), draw a picture of yesterday's story. I have not included a drawing of my own today as I would like you to come up with your own. If you are having trouble remembering yesterday's story, listen to the summary above.



The Israelites were robbed by the Midianites and they cried for God’s help. An angel of God appeared before Gideon and commanded him to save Israel. With the spirit of God to help him, Gideon sent messengers throughout the land and summoned them to fight with him. However, God said that there were too many and that if they won, they would claim the victory for themselves and not recognise God’s help. Those who were afraid were asked to go home. Still God said there were too many and so Gideon was instructed to watch how the men drank from the river. Those that lapped the water with their tongues like a dog stayed with Gideon and this was 300 in total. Gideon crossed the Jordan with his men and asked for bread to feed them. He was refused. Gideon was enraged and promised his revenge. Later, Gideon devised a plan and captured the two kings of Midian. On his return, as promised, he punished the men who had previously refused him bread. The two kings were executed and seeing this, the people asked Gideon to be their ruler. Gideon refused, saying that only God would rule over them. All he asked for was for every man to give him a gold earring and from this he made a robe which he wore whenever he asked questions of God. 

Listen to the recap and take note of the two ways in which Gideon sends his people away. Write two or more sentences about this part of the story, explaining how Gideon ended up with just 300 men to follow him. 


Write a rough copy in your English practice book (medium blue or green book) and be sure to edit it yourself before getting mum or dad to correct it. Once it has been corrected, write a good copy into your main lesson book (large blue or purple book). 



Create a quiet space to listen to this story. Make sure that there is nothing in your hands and that you are comfortable. Play the music or you can sing if you remember the song as you light your candle. 

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Shalom Chaverim

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