Week 6


Write about your weekend. Try to think about at least 3 different things to write about. This might include things you enjoyed doing, things you didn't enjoy and even things you do all the time. Maybe it could be about something you saw on a walk, or something you ate or cooked that was delicious - or horrible! Perhaps you could write about time that you spent with your pets or in the garden or you could explain a game that you like playing. 

Before you write, I'd like you to think about what you saw, heard, felt, tasted and smelt. You might not use all of the things you thought about, but it might help you to come up with some ideas. Have a look at the picture below and do something similar in your English practice book (medium blue or green book). Your writing can be done in the same book.


This times table circle is best done on a large piece of paper if you have one. To make the circles, you could use a protractor, but if you don't have one, tying a pencil to the end of a piece of string can help with drawing perfect circles. Hold the string in the centre of the circle - different lengths will give you different sized circles. For the small circles, you could trace around something round like a coin.

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