Week 1

Dear Children,

Here is a game I think you may enjoy at home before we come back together at school next week. You could play this with your brothers and sisters and get the whole family involved! Find some counters for each player and roll the dice to see where you will land. Slide down the rainbows or climb the ladders and see who reaches the star first. I hope it brings you some fun and laughter to help start the term. I look forward to seeing you all VERY soon.


Love Kelly 

Another form drawing. 


You may like to have a go at painting or drawing these eurthymy figures. 

Use as large a piece of paper as you can find and use one page for each form. Find where your centre of the page is to begin and make a small dot, this will help you find your crossing point. It may take a few practices to feel the flow of the ‘figure 8’ so trace the form lightly at first.  Do your best to try and make both sides equal shape and size. Do you remember how we moved this together in eurythmy, filling the space in the big hall? The music would stop, and we would ‘freeze’ to check if both sides of our figure 8 was equal.  Once you are pleased with your shape then see if you can draw or paint it without taking your hand off the page until you have made a complete ‘8’.  


Have a go at the ‘Harmonious 8’ form too. Can you see that is still a ‘figure 8’ but it has been bent and stretched a bit? Now they are Angel wings! Have a go and make your centre dot at the bottom of the page for your crossing point.  This is a bit trickier to make symmetrical but do your best to make lovely sweeping curves around a glowing centre.  

After you have painted or drawn them, have a go at stepping these out in the room, backyard or park. Walk, run and skip them as big as you can. Try move them on tiptoe as small as you can too!  

Movement Exercises

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