I'm looking forward to seeing you all next week Class 3!

It will be so fun to play games in the gym together again.

Here is a final balancing routine to practice at home. 

Love Louise


You all looked like you had such a fun time camping out Class 3! 

Here is another video to help you keep practicing the 7 Steps. 

Warm wishes to you all,


Dear Class 3s, 

Here is a special challenge for you, it's called 7 Step. It might be challenging the first few times, but try and keep practicing until it becomes easier,

I hope you enjoy it and that it helps to keep you warm!


How are you all Class 3s?

I'm so glad we had Term One together to play lots of games in the gym. 

Below is the second jumping rhythm for you to do with me, try and do it perfectly!

Have a lovely week, 


Dear Class Three, 

I hope you have had a lovely autumn holiday. Here is the first jumping routine for you to do while you are working at home. 

Happy jumping, 


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