Morning Verse

The sun with loving light,

Makes bright for me each day.

The soul with spirit power,

Gives strength unto my limbs.

In sunlight shining clear,

I reverence oh God,

The strength of humankind,

Which Thou so graciously,

Hast planted in my soul.

That I with all my might,

May love to work and learn.

From Thee comes light and strength,

To Thee rise love and thanks.

Meal Blessing

For sun and rain, for grass and grain

For all who toil on sea and soil.

That I may eat this daily food,

I give my loving thanks dear Earth.

Afternoon Verse

My day is done, now sinks the sun,

And softly will the evening come.

My deeds are done, my work is o'er,

And now I look back on them all.

Have I been truthful, strong and kind,

Have I a new friend tried to find?

Have I my best, my strongest given,

Have I a hurt, a grudge forgiven?

Each day I build my future home,

The soul I'll live in when I'm grown.

The soul that one day will be mine,

May it now start to bloom and shine.

That I may rise and grow with might,

Ever upward towards the Light.

Morning Verse
Meal Blessing
Afternoon Verse

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